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Our excellent connection with darkfibers directly to Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Zurich, Amsterdam, London and New York ensure that your business is online with high bandwidth around the clock. Nuremberg with its three highways, excellent railway connection and its international airport is giving the perfect sourrounding.

Geographical Location

Accessibility over three highways: A3, A6, A9
Glass fibres in all four directions: Frankfurt (west), Munich (south), Prague (east), Leipzig (north)
(49° 27′ N, 11° 3′ O)


Highly qualified staff from the Friedrich-Alexander university of Erlangen-Nuremberg
High density of innovative companies in the region
Booming economy and influx region with involved staff


Internet backbone capacity 400 GBps over AS33891
DWDM Systems for data communication with multiples 10/100 Gbps over a single darkfiber